Life as a GF – Prathna

The Gandhi Fellowship – Be the change you wish to see in the world’’. This is all I remember seeing on the bulletin boards of my college. It drove me to the presentation. I sat through it, to understand the work they do, the cause they support. One thing led to another and I was selected. However my dreams crashed when my parents objected to my joining the Fellowship. With no room for further argument, the corporate world absorbed me.

I may have been working on the financial analysis of big names and companies but mentally, I was somewhere else and only I knew where that was. 8 months and not more is all I could stretch myself for and my journey at Ernst and Young ended. I ended it to take that one decision I always wanted to… to be a Gandhi Fellow. And so far I can with full conviction say that it has been one of the best and most well-thought decisions taken.

I chose to work in Jhunjhunu and it was when I, with my bag and baggage entered Laal Kothi (where all the Gandhi Fellow were staying), did I instantly feel the energy. People from all walks of life, all strata of society had come together, but with one identical objective – Cleanse yourself and while you do that, attempt to make a difference with regards to education as per plan.

It hasn’t been too long, but the process has surely begun. However much I mock us while we ‘REFLECT’, I also accept that somewhere, sub-consciously, it has ended up rejuvenating me. It has helped me understand the person within with greater depth, helped me identify those things in me that require alteration. It has reinforced that one reason I am here

– Be the change first and then see it.

I have ended up making some great friends and keeping aside the day and night long brainstorming with regards to work, there have been some mad (mad!) memories here. Starting from the rooftop jugal bandhis till 3 am to the energy of chetna geets. To the periodic chai’s to keep those eyes open and the close to murder debates….the list can go on.

This organisation has allowed me to question, to be absolutely open and come out with my thought process in whatever form it might be. My journey as a Gandhi Fellow has begun and the decision seems worth it. The satisfaction levels are immense, the warmth is crazy and my peers are matchless.

You stretch, you push yourself further and further, and eventually reach a point where you just sit back, smile and wonder – ‘’How did I manage to get out of THAT mess?’’

I am sure there are many more experiences awaiting me. As of now and as of today, in Kaivalya’s lingo, my TOP EMOTION-


I wish to do some good work, and am grateful for the platform provided.

Content originally published on Sun, 29 Aug 2010, here.

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