Self as the
of change

Discover, Develop and De-condition

Individual change creates systemic change when all individuals begin to understand and act within their own sphere of influence, while retaining an awareness of the bigger picture.
Fullan(1982, 1993)

The village or slum immersion and participating in Vipassna are all parts of the program designed to help the Gandhi Fellow (GF) to work on self, and recognize his or her own assumptions and values.

To Plan, Act,
Reflect and

A cycle that helps modify subsequent actions

A non-negotiable process in the entire Fellowship program. The modules are designed to facilitate planning & reflection on every action.

Planning ensures that every action is deliberate. Reflection helps analyze the past actions and incorporate the thoughts and learning from them to modify subsequent actions. Sharing one's thoughts and learning with peers and Program Leaders / Program Managers allows the Fellows to receive feedback and add perspectives.

through action
& abstraction

Concrete experience, Reflective observation, Abstract conceptualization and Active experimentation

Although a learner can enter the cycle from any stage, he/she must complete the cycle for learning to take place.

Concrete experience is the doing component of learning. The Induction, the Whole School Immersion, Community Immersion, and Field Support Program that the GF goes through, is the concrete experience part of the learning cycle.

Reflective observation is reflecting on the experience served by the regular reviews and Personal Reflection sessions.

Abstract conceptualization comprises two parts:
(i) Discussions during reflection and review and (ii) Reading about leadership and life experiences of various people. Discussions enable the GFs in abstract learning from their experiences, see patterns, make generalizations and understand theoretical principles.

Active Experimentation completes and complements the theoretical aspects of learning. The GF is encouraged to plan for the forthcoming week based on his/her learning from experience and reflection. Active Experimentation with the learning helps generate new concrete experiences, leading to further reflection, abstraction and experimentation; thus, the cycle continues.